About The Composer: Thoma

About The Game Music Of Composer: Thoma

The Game Music Of Echoes Of Aeons by Composer Thoma was influenced - like the artwork - from classic RPG's, and their fantasy world storylines, musical scores, and composers, as well as comtemporary art, music, and literature. Influences include:

Game Music Influences:  Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, and Legend Of Zelda, as well as online and platform games such as World Of Warcraft, Skyrim, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Call Of Duty, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, The Witcher, Pillars Of Eternity, and Guild Wars

Game Music Composer Influences:  Nobuo Uematso, Koji Kondo, Jeremy Soule, Matt Uelman and many others too numerous to list...

Instrumental Music Influences:  Yanni, Enya, David Arkenstone, George Winston, Kitaro, Nicholas Gunn,  Vangelis, and David Lanz


Film Music Influences:  Don Williams, Hans Zimmer, Brian Eno, Danny Elfman, Randy Newman, Ramin Djawadi

Contemporary Music Influences:  Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Ed Sheeran, Dan Fogelberg, Coldplay, Kansas, Styx, The Beatles, The Eagles, Billy Joel, Eddie Veder, CSNY, Jason Mraz, Goo Goo Dolls

Literary Influences:  Harry Potter series, Wheel Of Time series, Game Of Thrones series, All of Brandon Sanderson series, The Hobbit, Lord Of the Rings, Chronicles Of Narnia, Throne Of Glass series, The Lightbringer series, The Gentleman Bastards series, The Kingkiller Chronicles, Commonwealth Chronicles, Illusions: The Adventures Of A Reluctant Messiah...

Author Influences:  Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, J.K. Rowling, Patrick Rothfuss, George R.R. Martin, J.R.R. Tolkien, Brent Weeks, Scott Lynch, Orson Scott Card, Peter F. Hamilton, Richard Bach, Susan Trott, Carlos Castaneda

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