EOA Select Songs Now Releasing 6/20/20


EOA Original Soundtrack
(OST) Releasing



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RPG Game Release:

Echoes Of Aeons - Video Game / RPG 
Available on the iOS
App Store

April 30th, 2020  

Available on the app store - icon 3.png

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EOA Select Songs Now Releasing 6/20/20


Echoes Of Light 
Available For Streaming & Download
on all digital music platforms

June 20, 2020  


Original Soundtrack
(OST) Release



Echoes Of Aeons - OST
Available For Streaming & Download
on all digital music platforms

September 21, 2020  


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Indie Dev World Order - Action RPG Game Of The Year Winner

Peaked at #2 on Touch Arcade Hot Games Chart

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Best Game Apps iOS and Mac 2020 - iTopNews (Germany)

Featured on the Apple App Store in over 120 countries

#2 on the Apple Apps RPG games chart in Greece

Top 10 on the Apple Apps RPG games chart for:   Spain, France, UAE, Greece

Top 25 for UK, South Africa, Poland, Italy, Germany

Top 125 USA


YouTube music videos featuring songs from the upcoming EOA Original Soundtrack:

Echoes Of Aeons Launch Trailer - Featuring Song: Echoes Of Light 

EOA Single Release - Featuring Song: Sands Of Aridoon

EOA Single Release - Featuring Song: EOA Main Theme

EOA Teaser Trailer - Featuring Song: Lusec - City In The Trees

Music Video's


The Story


A Tale For The Ages...

At the edge of the Universe, The Aeons set about to create and to destroy. What was left in the wake was the children of Terra, unified and prosperous... until the breaking of the world...

Embark on a journey of two souls, bound together by fate, as they challenge destiny in an epic tale of time and space, love, laughter, and the human condition, and battle those who seek to destroy their existence!

Adventure across worlds with beautiful hand painted digital art scenes and characters, set to the sweeping and majestic award winning original soundtrack in varying styles that match perfectly to the varied peoples, cultures, and areas and zones throughout this high powered fantasy RPG.

The Story

Echoes Of Aeons:  Echoes Of Light  (New Release 6/20/20)
Select Songs From The Echoes Of Aeons Original Soundtrack
Music Composed, Arranged, Produced, & Performed by

All of the Artwork featured here on this site is original hand painted digital art from the game by artists Jordan Kratochvil and Joshua Kratochvil

Terra World Map
Echoes In Time (Variation On A Theme).mp
Pizz My Cato (Roscoe's Theme)
Lusec Morning Bloom (On Board The Papalo
Shalom Aleichem - Salaam Alaikum
The Kings Court
Errant Star (Eldric's Theme)
Caldari City - World Bizarre
On The Shores Of Dreams
Tao De Lui (Awakening)
What Lies Under
Somnium World Map
Lusec - City In The Trees
Dawnrise Mission
Echoes Of Light

Echoes Of Aeons Soundtrack - Guest Composers
Select Songs From The Upcoming Echoes Of Aeons Original Soundtrack

The Underthing
Fuego De Effreetia

The Songs



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Pocket Gamer logo.jpeg

Pocket Gamer

"So far, it's lived up to expectations wonderfully. The art style and overall presentation are regularly stunning, its world has gradually drawn me in, and it has that grand, sweeping feel of the best old-school RPGs..."

- Cameron Bald / Pocket Gamer.com

About The Game & Soundtrack

The Music Of Echoes Of Aeons.png

Echoes Of Aeons is a retro-modern, hand-painted and animated, narrative driven, 2d action rpg game, set to a riveting musical score that sweeps you into the two worlds of terra and somnium, with melodies that dance around the characters, and stunning music composed from varied genre styles to match the wide variety of gorgeous digital hand-painted area backdrops throughout the game.

About The Game Music By Composer: Thoma

Thom Sequoia - Acoustic Sessions at Art

The Game Music Composer Thoma was influenced - like the artwork - from classic RPG's, and their fantasy world storylines, musical scores, and composers, as well as comtemporary art, music, and literature:

Game Music Influences for Echoes Of Aeons compositions include:  Final Fantasy series, Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Legend Of Zelda series, World Of Warcraft, Skyrim, Halo, Metal Gear Solid, Call Of Duty, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, The Witcher, Pillars Of Eternity, and Guild Wars. Read the full list here:

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